400132, Str. G-ral Traian Moşoiu, Nr. 10-12, Cluj-Napoca
Opera Plazza fatada hotel

Welcome to Opera Plaza

Located within the city’s historical center, Opera Plaza blends its architecture with the vibrating energy of the Romanian Opera House, located only a few steps away. With its innovative approach, the hotel provides all the benefits of modern technology to its customers.
Opera Plazza apartament

The Opera Plaza Experience

Over the years we have learned to cherish both tradition and novelty, combining them into a single concept, which we’ve simply called: The Opera Plaza Experience. We invite you to spend wonderful moments with us. Be part of the Opera Plaza community on Facebook, Google+ or subscribe to our newsletter so you can get an update on every project.

Refinement comes from within

After years of excellence within the services industry, our team has concluded that refinement belongs too little to the material world, and therefore we have created our own Boutique Hotel philosophy, where the personalization level of our services delivers the final product in the form of “an  authentic experience“ for the appreciation of all our friends. Your interaction with the Opera Plaza experience motivates us to unequivocally demonstrate that Refinement comes from within.
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Welcome to Cluj Napoca!

Located in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj Napoca surprises by the eclectic personality of a city where the past meets the future in a historical space reflecting unity in diversity. A cultural and academic center, our town welcomes its visitors to an academic, business and leisure environment rich in opportunities. The city life has a dynamic but not alert rhythm where people impress with their western mentality and welcoming character. Cluj Napoca vibes through a wide series of social and cultural events, ranging from film and arts festivals to a good representation of all kinds of sport events. A wonderful stay in this lovely city begins with Opera Plaza!
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Opera Plaza Testimonials

Dear guests, During our years of activity we have earned recognition through the high quality of our services, appreciated by all our visitors. Our approach, focused on a high degree of services personalization, has allowed us to anticipate and respond to your requests, our proof being the Opera Plaza Testimonials. You are fondly welcome to join the Opera Plaza community and enjoy the hospitality our wonderful city is renowned for. Yours sincerely, ~ The Opera Plaza Team

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