400132, Str. G-ral Traian Moşoiu, Nr. 10-12, Cluj-Napoca

Large Dinners

There’s a few important events in one’s life which are going to be preserved in everyone’s memories, hence their success is the only option. In  six years of experience, team Opera Plaza has maintained the same group of skilled people fully dedicated to your event.

Renowned locally for the quality of  services, our team will display its experience and involvment through the continous flow of the event and the satisfaction of every participant.

Whether its about a baptism meal, wedding ,anniversary, or any important personal event, we are going to release you from every organizational worry, in order to allow you to fully enjoy the moment. Therefore, our event organising experts will go through every detail, leaving room only for pleasent surprises.

The premium location and the high standard services are topped off by the most tasteful culinary experiences that reccomend our location and have brought the recognition of our chef masters.